The First Star Trek Into Darkness Poster Sees the Light of Day

Star Trek Into Darkness.jpg

Although we won’t see any footage from the film until an IMAX-exclusive preview opens with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Trilogy Journey on December 19th, the Star Trek Into Darkness promotional campaign is officially underway with the release of the teaser poster you see above. As Badass Digest rightfully points out, the poster is way similar to the one used for The Dark Knight Rises. (Will the comparisons end there? Personally I’d be up for seeing Kirk square off against Bane or having Scotty use the Clean Slate program to wipe all his drunk and disorderly arrests from his record). This is a visually captivating poster that promises some major destruction as a trenchcoated figure — I think it’s Cumberbatch’s character in casual attire picked out from the 24th century equivalent of Nordstrom– looks on.  I’m into it. While we all wait for J.J. Abrams to let the full trailer out of his mystery box, voice your two cents on this in the comments below.