What Did Everyone Get for Christmas?

I got Granamyr here. To show you how big he is, and in order to make cheap Iron Sheik jokes, I’ve enlisted the help of my Mattel Iron Sheik action figure.

And yes, I’m aware that the Iron Sheik’s Twitter is probably not really him. But like Fox Mulder, hyperactive kids the night before Christmas and religious cultists…I Want To Believe.


More pics after the fold.

As you can see, Granamyr needs to be put together. The only hiccup was that his right arm kept popping out again, so I put a little superglue in the joint peg to fill it in. Works fine now, and still moves as it should. This might not have worked if his shoulders were actually ball joints, but they aren’t – that’s an illusion.


Turns out he can stand up, but I wouldn’t suggest leaving him in that pose, as he is top-heavy. The helmet does not come off, as far as I can tell, and the mid-torso joint doesn’t want to move, but he has ball-joints at the elbows, wrists, neck, wings and ankles, which is a nice surprise.


Worth $80? Well, for that, you’d wish he were more than rotocast. But when I think about it, I got an 18″ rotocast Hellboy for about $45 sometime last decade, and toy prices have almost doubled since then. So it’s high, but fair for a limited edition.


The Sheik figure, however, is priceless. I was not aware of his media rebirth as everyone’s favorite insane, foul-mouthed uncle when I bought him.

Consider this your open thread to show off and discuss holiday hauls. I’m going back to the kitchen for some more food.