Adam Sandler to Guard the Galaxy?


I’m not normally big on posting casting “short lists,” because generally they’re all pretty easy guesses. But Latino Review, which has a track record of getting Marvel movie scoops that generally come true, has a story worth discussing – apparently Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler are being eyed for possible roles (or possibly for the same role, depending upon which one is available) in Guardians of the Galaxy. Based on the graphic above, you can tell I have a thought as to which role that might be.

Once you get past the kneejerk reaction to whichever of their movies you happen to hate – and my own list could go long – I don’t think these picks are as bad as you might assume. Look at what director James Gunn did with “comedian” Rainn Wilson in Super – without entirely erasing his comedic edge, he built upon it, giving us a fully rounded character. Both Carrey and Sandler have been willing to go deeper and darker when it suited them in the past, but the paychecks were bigger for broad and goofy. For a Marvel paycheck, however, they might rise to more of an occasion.

This actually isn’t the first time Sandler’s been rumored to be a superhero – for a while, there was talk of him bringing back The Greatest American Hero on the big screen. I don’t know that I could buy him as an idealistic hippie peacenik teacher easily embarrassed by a goofy super-suit, but Carrey, on the other hand, could do wonders with that part.

When it comes to this movie, I have full faith in Gunn control. You?