Blade Runner: The Delusional Cut

Sometimes, desperately clinging on to that 25+ year-old franchise you were part of works out. If you’re Richard Hatch, it gets you a role on the new Battlestar Galactica. If you’re Ridley Scott, it gets you a chance to find a whole new series of ways to piss off Alien fans who thought they couldn’t get have bigger hissy-fits than when they were watching AVP:R.

And if you’re 67 year-old Joanna Cassidy, still hung up on your full snake-dance number being cut from Blade Runner, it leads to this…

joanna cassidy.jpg

I refuse to embed the video in full, because if you want to watch five straight minutes of this woman slowly twirling in place and waving her hands in front of a smoke machine to the strains of R. Kelly, that’s on you. I won’t stop you clicking this link. But I defy you to tell me this would somehow make Blade Runner better.

Cassidy apparently set up a Youtube account solely for the purposes of creating this – her only other upload is a Blade Runner trailer. Maybe she’s hoping Ridley Scott will see it and appreciate her dedication.

Who knows what Ridley Scott likes these days. I suppose it’s possible.

h/t Da Bearon