Get Oscar Nominations, Make Terminator Sequel

Makes sense to us. And also apparently to Megan Ellison, producer of Zero Dark Thirty and The Master, whose Annapurna pictures just hired screenwriters for a new Terminator flick.


Now, I’ll cut the Terminator franchise an awful lot of slack. I’m even on record defending T3, and Salvation didn’t truly piss me off until the very end. But what is left to say in another sequel? You show a future war where people win, Reese gets stuffed into a time machine…and then what?

I’ll go so far as to say that this is one property that has to be rebooted, and rebooted substantially. The Sarah Connor Chronicles deviated from canon and generally pleased fans, but the entire storyline is based on a Cold War paradigm. Yes, nuclear annihilation is still possible, but our fictions should reflect upon the more-present fears of today. If it must continue at all, go for a major shake-up.

And having seen The Last Stand, I can tell you this – unless a cyborg was left sitting out in the sun for 30 years, Arnold can’t play a T-800 any more.