Iron Man Keeps Getting His Ass Kicked in Part 3

That’s what I deduce from this new poster, anyway. Seriously, how does Ben Kingsley manage to do so much more damage than a Viking demigod and an army of aliens?


Maybe the Superbowl trailer will reveal more; in the meantime, the ten-second tease confirms what most of us already knew – it’s Rhodey in the patriotically painted costume. And Iron Man gets his ass kicked. Maybe this will all be a smart meta-commentary on how annoying it is that Robert Downey Jr. is now everywhere, acknowledging that sometimes it might feel good to smack the smirk off his face and the smart out of his mouth. I have faith in Shane Black to do just that.

Nahh, we still love you, Robert. But showing your vulnerable side is smart.

And if Happy Hogan gets punched in the mouth while another character accuses him of screwing up back when Whiplash was around, my theory will be proven correct.