King of the Nerds Trailer: What Do We Make of This?

Maybe I should be saying Whose Responsible This?

“Premiering Thursday, January 17, King of the Nerds is primed to become television’s ultimate nerd-off..”


“Geek is the new cool”???? Are you freakin’ serious? Come up with that one all by yourself, did you, show marketer whose name I don’t know? Or perhaps you cribbed it from Bill Gates, Seth Green, Chris Hardwick, Steve Jobs, Joss Whedon, Morgan Spurlock, Stan Lee, or anybody who has attended Comic-Con in the past decade or so.

(The coolest geeks, by the way, are the ones who fit the classical definition: sideshow freaks who bite the heads off chickens. They know that’s not gonna be co-opted by the mainstream any time soon.)

Revenge of the Nerds‘ Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong will host, because they need the paychecks. Presumably there will be no lessons in Darth Vader-mask sexual deception.

The trailer is after the jump. One nerdy thing I will say about it is that if they were trying to duplicate the aesthetic of Nickelodeon game shows from our childhood like Double Dare, the mission may be accomplished. Aside from that, it looks like reinforcement of the worst cosplay stereotypes you can imagine.

Also George Takei’s in it. Which means this show’s going to be all over Facebook, and any contestant who praises Shatner will probably be punished.

Is it the next Big Bang Theory? Watch and you tell me…

Via Comics Alliance and SlyDante