NECA NECA NECA NECA Batman! 18″ Adam West Coming


Combing through press releases and Twitter feeds, the good folks at have put two and two together to reveal that indeed, old chums, Adam West will be coming to action figure aisles in 18″ scale and a Batsuit. Will it talk? It had better!

The classic TV Batman has been a Holy Grail for toy collectors for years, as several legal loopholes and divided rights kept modern merchandising for it very limited. But last year at Comic-Con, Mattel announced an entire 6″ line was on its way, and now NECA joins the rarified ranks of companies like Lego and Hot Toys who can make DC and Marvel characters in the same scale.

Oh, and they’ve also got a Henry Cavill Superman figure coming. Expect both figures and more to be revealed at Toy Fair. Fingers crossed for a Keaton Batman…