SNL Hobbit Fail

Hey, did you hear the one about how The Hobbit movies are really long? And it’s split into three movies, because, like, Peter Jackson makes movies that are really goddamn long?

You did?

Are you sure you wouldn’t like to hear that same joke over and over again in a single skit?

Oh, Fred Armisen – you couldn’t even try to do a voice like Ian McKellen’s, one of the most eminently impersonatable in all of geekdom? At least you did a passable English accent, unlike others in the scene.

Also, nice mispronunciation of “Sauron,” narrator-guy.

Jennifer Lawrence and Jason Sudeikis come out of this okay, I guess.

I know some will ask how Saturday Night Live is nerdy. That, to me, isn’t the issue. That this is how the things we like and/or complain about amongst ourselves get portrayed and spoofed in the mainstream is. And we’re entitled to an opinion on that.