Zack Snyder to Make Samurai-Style Star Wars Movie [Update: Or Is He?]

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter got a quote from Zack Snyder’s spokesperson, who says, “While he is super flattered because he is a huge fan, Zack is not involved in any way with the new Star Wars. He is currently in post on his two films, Man of Steel and 300: Battle of Artemisia.”

Per Bill Clinton, it all depends what the definition of “is” is. The fact that as of now he “is” not involved doesn’t mean he “will not” be once he’s done with post on those two movies. Interesting phraseology, to say the least.

original Snyder image by Nivrae

PREVIOUSLY: No, this is not a joke. Vulture is reporting that Snyder is officially signed on to make the first Star Wars film outside of the original continuity (well, fourth if you count the two Ewok movies and the Clone Wars animated feature). “It will be an as-yet-untitled Jedi epic loosely based on Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 classic Seven Samurai, with the ronin and katana being replaced by the Force-wielding knights and their iconic lightsabers.”

Seven Samurai in space…Seven Samurai in space…hmmm…sounds familiar. Oh yeah:

Impressive how well those effects have held up. Wonder what happened to the guy who pulled that off?