A Jay and Silent Bob Animated Movie Is Coming


Here’s the surprise – it isn’t directed by Kevin Smith. Though it will star Jason Mewes, and possibly Smith if Bob actually says anything. Additional voice talents include Neil Gaiman, Eliza Dushku and Jon Lovitz. It’ll be rolling out on tour with live Q&As just like Red State, with 18 dates announced so far.

Made for a budget of just $69,000 (huh-huh…how come I suspect they, uhhh, fudged that number, Beavis?), it’s directed by Steve Stark, who got the gig after he animated an episode of Smith’s SModcast and tweeted it at the stars.

This is neither the first animated adventure for Jay and Silent Bob, nor their first appearance for a director other than Smith. In 2000, the duo showed up in Clerks: The Animated Series, Scream 3, and something called Lucy You Love It, which I’m not familiar with (nor why imdb considers it a documentary when everybody has a character name).

via FishbowlLA