Book. Free book.

…is what I’ll be saying to three of you who will take home this comprehensive companion to the cinematic adventures of pop-culture’s most famous superspy. James Bond FAQ covers every movie in detail, as well as the unofficial adaptations and the books, and features a foreword by Eunice Gayson, the very first Bond girl in Dr. No.

Hal Leonard Books has given me three copies to give away, and I’m giving you all, as usual, a week to enter. In comments below, imagine you have the power and the mandate to reboot the James Bond franchise, using entirely new talent. Tell me who you’d cast as Bond, M, Q, the villain and the primary female lead. Give your movie a Bondian sounding title, and tell me what the villain’s evil scheme is. For extra credit, cite at least one quippy one-liner Bond would say in it.

Contest closes March 1st at 11:59 p.m. If you enter, please check your email at least once a day after that – I just heard from Abbot Smith almost a full week after trying to contact him and ultimately giving his prize away. Winners are usually notified in advance before I post anything.