Hitman Movie You Hated Gets Reboot You’ll Probably Hate More


In truth, I never saw Hitman, so for all I know, it could have been amazing. From all I heard, it most likely was not. But I’m prepared to bet a sizeable sum of cash that those of you who did see it never thought to yourself, “You know what would improve this? Timothy Olyphant being a less good actor.”

Enter Paul Walker. No, seriously.

It’s not even like this is a radical reboot in other ways – it has the same primary screenwriter. So I have to ask – did somebody play a fratboy prank on Walker and dare him to shave his head? Because pretending he’s going to get cast in a new movie like that could be the ultimate episode of Punk’d.

I hope that’s what it is, anyway. Otherwise, I can’t wait to ignore it.