McFarlane Toys Gets Assassin’s Creed Figures


I guess this is payback for all the times NECA snapped up a license Todd discarded, then made it better. Assassin’s Creed was one of their signature lines, to the point that even made a vehicle for it, something barely precedented.

Naturally, McFarlane’s figures will be in a different scale (six inches), so you’ll have to start a whole new collection. Series one will feature seven figures, including two versions of Connor and one Haytham Kenway. No word yet on vehicles or boxed sets, but the figures will come with codes to unlock in-game content: things like new weapons, clothing colors or other customization options. And unlike NECA’s line, you’ll see these at every major retailer, which suggests that perhaps there’s an untapped kid market.

My impression was that the last game kinda put people off, though. How do you feel about more figures?