New Ender’s Game Image and Army Logos

If I were Summit, I would not have timed this release to the middle of a comics controversy involving Orson Scott Card, but there it is. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the author’s personal beliefs, I’m a fan of the book, and think it’s a great allegorical take on post-traumatic stress disorder. Having been on the set of this film, I’m impressed so far with what Gavin Hood and his team are doing (and I’m not a fan of Hood’s previous films, so I’m reeeally hoping he comes through on this one). I certainly don’t hinge whether or not I see a movie upon the beliefs of the writer of the original book, be it Battlefield Earth, Watership Down or Watchmen.

It’s a bit like Harry Potter in space, but not. Here’s a new image of Hailee Steinfeld and Asa Butterfield, plus the Battle School army logos; this film’s equivalent of Slytherin, Gryffindor, etc. (though Ender came first, literarily speaking).

Diehards, you may start your tattoos now.