Oscars Open Thread


Join us below in the comments section for live discussion or, if you’re reading this later, see how we reacted in real-time. (If you can’t get the show on TV, here’s at least one apparent live-stream)

Want to make it a drinking game? Here are your triggers:

-“Magic” (as in “The magic of the movies” or “They make the magic happen”).

-“I’d like to thank the Academy.”

-Any reference to the troops that sounds like forced bipartisanship.

-“For ____ years now…”

-During the death reel, someone truly iconic gets less applause than somebody who was famous more recently.


-Seth MacFarlane does the voice of one of his TV characters and nobody cares.

-Anne Hathaway mentions James Franco or Hugh Jackman.

-Anybody from the real-life Argo incident comes onstage.

-There’s a tribute/reel to something completely irrelevant to this year’s nominated movies (except the death reel and the Bond tribute; those are drinking-optional).

-Forced banter is obviously scripted.

-A previous winner comes onstage to kiss the ass of one of the current crop.

-There’s a Pepsi or fast food commercial.

-There’s a movie trailer for something that will never, ever be nominated (except maybe for effects).

-If Snow White and the Huntsman wins anything, finish your drink immediately and punch the wall. (Topless Robot is not responsible for injuries sustained while doing this)