Ultra-Trippy Skrillex Browser Game Induces Fun, Seizures


I admit it: I’m not particularly familiar with the music of Skrillex. But this free browser game was pretty fun.

The premise is that an 8-bit Zelda-like game has been corrupted by a speck of dust in the cartridge. Within the world of the game, your classic medieval hero must battle the distortions that occur – not unlike the “Nothing” in The Neverending Story. The distortion has also made the different levels 3D, and collapsing in upon themselves. Your foes take the form of cubes that flash different colors and leave trails behind them that look like kill-screen fragments. By the end, you’re in a twisted dance club against a bunch of them, including a DJ cube with glasses who looks like a cubist Skrillex. The entire screen basically dances to the beat as well, for added amusement/disorientation.

Also, if you’re a fan, it features the song “Summit.” Gameplay isn’t super-challenging but the time limit is. An extremely trippy time-waster, but turn the volume way down if you’re trying to get away with it at work.

h/t Greggory Basore, who was absolutely right