Video Game Icons, Edward Gorey Style


It’s too bad I just missed Gorey’s birthday with this one. On the heels of Clive Barker doing his version of the morbidly merry author/artist’s Gashlycrumb Tinies, in which children meet death in alphabetical and rhyming ways, we now have a video-game version.

“A is for Aerith, stabbed right through the tummy, B is for Bowser, whose bridgework was crummy, C is for Crono, or was that his double, D is for Dhalsim, who had yoga trouble”

The whole thing is available on a poster.

A is for awesome, this poster I need;
B is for buying, I’ll do it in greed;
C is for credit card, mine is maxed out;
D is for debt, and forever, no doubt.

h/t PD