After Earth, Will Smith Will Have a Southern Accent



I know, every fiber of your being wants to hate Will Smith and Will Smith’s Kid in M. Night Shyamalan’s Next Big Disappointment. But after seeing the new trailer, I’m not entirely sure I will.

Yes, some of the animals look very digital. True, following Transformers 3 I’m not that excited about seeing flying-squirrel suits again. And the way they talk – does the South win the second Civil War in the future, enacting laws that mandate everybody speaking like Georgia plantation owners? Or is it just that Gone with the Wind was the only bit of media they salvaged after leaving Earth?

On the other hand, I love the rest of the visuals. If I can ignore the plot and the fact that the lead character (and actor) is a nepotism-beneficiary named Kitai Raige, the rest won’t matter.

Watch the new trailer after the jump.