Get Drunk like a Robot with Transformers Beer


Robinson’s Brewery, a UK purveyor of booze that has been around for 175 years, is clearly not afraid to embrace change. As in, robots that change into other things.

Ever get so drunk you feel like you got hit by a truck? Well, time to make your sobriety disappear as quickly as Optimus’ trailer when he’s in robot mode with Hoptimus Prime:

Brewed using only British hops and barley malts this beer exhibits a rich array of malt and traditional fruity hop flavours, complemented by a crisp dry finish. The unique flavour of Hoptimus Prime transforms as each individual ingredient combines to satisfy all of your hoppy needs.

Look, if robots really drink this stuff, I think we might finally have a legitimate reason as to why Bumblebee urinates in the movies. And be warned: negative comments about this brew posted below will be considered “flames on Hoptimus.” Remember, inebriation is the real right of all sentient beings.

h/t Jason Wagner