ICYMI: Ghost Rider Un-Caged, More Star Trek and Plympton Simpsons


The three videos after the jump don’t really have anything to do with each other, except they all came out in the last couple of days, and giving them all separate posts felt lazy. So, let’s break down what you’re about to see:

-Nicolas Cage saying it’s unlikely he’ll return to the role of Ghost Rider, because of the perception that the last film was not a success, even though he insists that it indeed was because they made it on a shoestring. He also anticipates a reboot, which I would say is an inevitability simply because Sony would probably like to keep the character rather than let the rights lapse back to Marvel/Disney.

-Bill Plympton did a new Simpsons couch gag that riffs on film noir. It’s pretty cool. Also, the episode in question had jokes about marijuana and fisting.

-And there’s another Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, which has Kirk doing more crazy action stuff, including flying a new spaceship in a manner that suggests yes, JJ Abrams really would rather be writing for Han Solo than James T. Kirk.