Soylent Shakes Are People…Friendly

soylent paste.jpg
Heston Is Not Amused

A 24 year-old software engineer named Rob Rhinehart has come up with the closest thing we might get to a sci-fi meal pill: a shake full of the essential nutrients and nothing else. His motivation was a combination of wanting to eat cheaply, and being too lazy to buy groceries and cook them.

Oh yeah, and he calls it Soylent, because that name has no negative connotations whatsoever. Actually, I give him props for being a hardcore geek about it and pointing out that in the original book, Soylent food was NOT people. In the category of “Things so Fucking Obvious You Never Noticed Them,” it’s a combination of the words “soy” and “lentil,” the primary ingredients.

Rhinehart thinks eating nothing but Soylent has made him healthier, can solve world hunger and actually tastes pretty good.

I would bet he’s tried mixing it with booze, but he doesn’t admit it. I would. You know, for scientific purposes, to see which kind tastes best with it. Because that’s important.