Talk and Relevant Discussions in Snark: Doctor Who Open Thread


I’ve seen the episode, and while it would be impossible to review without giving away too many choice tidbits that are best discovered on their own, I will say that it hits the right balance of creepiness, comedy and larger metaphor/social satire. It also has a moment midway through that would have been one helluva cliffhanger in the old-school serialized Who.

A few more teases for you to ponder:

-Clara is not the only familiar face in this episode.

-No familiar characters are in the opening scene, and the next scene is in a completely unexpected place (IMO).

-New opening credits include Matt Smith’s face in the stars, which is a nice callback.

-We learn the origin of Oswin versus Oswald.

-The way the Doctor acquires that motorcycle would be completely unacceptable in any show besides this one.

-Subtle callback to “The Empty Child” when the nature of the titular bells is revealed.

-Though there is a resolution, it sets in motion many potential ramifications.

Use the space below for pre-thoughts and reactions…once the show airs in the U.S. (let’s wait for both coasts!), spoilers are fair game.