The IRS-Made Star Trek Parody You Paid For


This might be the most brutal fan film ever, and not just because your tax dollars funded it (talk about the ultimate Kickstarter). But what could be nerdier than government accountants playing Star Trek?

In fairness, I imagine IRS leadership conferences are so deathly dull that they need to find a way to liven them up and keep everyone awake. But if this is what passes for excitement among accountants, I can only imagine they follow it up with a Ben Stein stand-up comedy set.

The guy who plays the captain could be a passable actor in a smaller role. The others should never speak in public again. And the IRS has apologized for spending $60,000 on this. Perspective-wise, that’s less than even one cent per taxpayer, but they could at least have made it not suck for that price.

Video after the jump. If you can get through the whole thing, I applaud you.

h/t John Fuller