Troma’s Return to Nuke ’em High Teaser Might Be the Least Safe-for-Work Trailer Ever

nuke em high.jpg

Not that that stops us here, you understand. Just saying. It’s got nudity of both genders, Mortal Kombat-style skeleton-removal fatalities, Ron Jeremy dressed as Jesus doing bong hits, Motorhead’s Lemmy as president of the United States, mutant chicken monsters probably recycled from Poultrygeist, wheelchair masturbation…are you sold (or nauseated) yet?

I don’t just post gross stuff for the sake of it, though. What’s impressive about the clip – if anything is – beyond its audacity is that aside from the “celebrity” cameos, it really does look like something Troma made in the ’80s, and the first Nuke ’em High – about high-school students who smoke weed that grows by a leaky nuclear power plant and gain various deformities and powers – was one of their better efforts. The super-size tent-boner scene and monster fetus barfing being among the more memorable special effects moments.

All I remember about the sequel is that for scenes involving a giant monster squirrel, they let a real squirrel loose on G.I. Joe figures.

Anyway, teaser’s after the jump. If the idea of a new Lloyd Kaufman film excites you, it’s everything you’d hope for.

Return to the Class of Nuke ‘Em High Radioactive Teaser!!! from Troma Team Video on Vimeo.