Yes, There’s ANOTHER Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer [UPDATE: And New Poster!]

UPDATED: Here’s a new poster which readers discovered via hidden link in the clip:


It has this in it. Do they have your attention yet?


Honestly, if you want to stay relatively spoiler-free, you might want to avoid this one. I’ll refrain from describing some of the new things in it, because I suspect some of them were meant to be surprises originally. [NOTE: comments on this post should be considered a free-for-all to discuss anything in this particular footage]

No, no name is given for Cumberbatch’s character. But there’s enough information there to make me think it’s VERY unlikely he’s found frozen on the good ship Botany Bay.

Watch it after the jump if you dare…

If that doesn’t work, try this one:

via Indiewire