You Need a 3D Printer More than You Need a Hole in Your Head

3d skull.jpg
Oxford Performance Materials

Skeletor, Ghost Rider and anyone else who might worry about injuries to their skulls can rest easy – 3D printers can now patch up any gaps in the bone that encases your brain. Now, granted, it doesn’t look quite as awesome as your typical horror skull, but that’s only an issue if you’re a skinless ghost into the dark arts. The reason the patching material, called polyetherketoneketone, makes your head look like a gameboard for Dots and Boxes is that tiny details have been etched into it that will encourage the growth of cell and bone. In theory, if this technology existed on Eternia, Keldor could grow a face back.

By the way, I love how the URL at the source story contains “3DD” rather than 3D. Apparently, they’re hoping to ensnare some Piranha sequel fans. All five of them.

via Gizmodo