Aaaand We’re Back: Ain’t Technology Fun?


Before I went to bed last night, the Malware warning popped up. Many of you noticed it today, and I appreciate the large number of you concerned enough to email. There are no viruses on the site – it was a false flag, and I think everybody is now able to see everything again. The commenting system also seems to be back. There may be residual issues, but what’s new, right?

Oh yeah, this: from here on out, if you have technical issues with commenting or anything else, please send me a detailed email. If a comment is in the wrong thread, tell me which thread it should be in and which thread it’s actually in. If you’re getting an error message, tell me what kind, specifically. I don’t actually handle the technical side, but those who do need details in case they’re not able to duplicate the issue themselves.

Believe me, this stuff is doubly frustrating for us as it is for you. Some of today’s posts are just crying out for snarky commentary (seriously, Chewbacca gimp suit?)…I trust any good lines you all might have can be put back in effect once the bugs are ironed out.