G.I. Joe Meme Contest Winner and Runners-up [Is it You?]

I love running visual contests. Images work on a more visceral level than text, so it takes a lot less time picking a favorite. All the runner-up memes will eventually make it to the TR Facebook page.

Many of the entrants, including the winner, appear to be new to the site (welcome!), so if the winner (named after the jump) is watching, email me to claim your prize package from Hasbro.

Hint: the winner is also one of the runners-up.

And now, here those be…

By patman668: old joke, great picture.


The first of two runners up by prolific enterer Calm-AV.


FlyingAceCMX also entered a few…


Calm-AV brings the best wrestling joke.


10glfan59 proves the simplest jokes can be the best, especially if they’re in-jokes.


darthmark came very, very close to winning, and will be the alternate if my chosen winner never gets back to me.


For har-lock, knowing your Joe trivia is more than half the battle.


And skrag2112 goes for an obvious joke, but with the perfect picture.


but the winner is…

FlyingAceCMX! Plain and simply, I found this the funniest.


FlyingAceCMX, please email toplessrobot at gmail dot com and tell me where to send your toys. Yo Joe!