Michael Bay’s TMNT Splinter Casts a Big Figure

Watchmen Wiki

You may not know the name, but you know the face: little-person actor Danny Woodburn, perhaps best known to comic-movie fans as Big Figure (small world!) in Watchmen, will now mentor the Ninja Turtles.

Does the casting of someone Woodburn’s size mean they intend to go practical with a rat-suit? Woodburn isn’t known for doing accents (nor martial arts, for that matter – if they were going for mo-cap, Martin Klebba would be the obvious choice), and Splinter is traditionally voiced to sound Japanese.

Woodburn joins Megan Fox as (presumably but not definitely) April O’Neil, Will Arnett in an unnamed role, and four guys you’ve probably never heard of as the turtles.

Who’d rather see this movie instead?