Patton Oswalt Plays the Penguin, Riffs on Star Wars VII in Two New Videos

Between being the go-to geek for opinions on terrorism the other day, and now these two viral videos, Remy the rat is just owning the Internet this week.

If you’ve seen Big Fan, you know that Oswalt probably could pull off a more Nolan-esque Penguin. Needless to say, opposite Pete Holmes’ Batman, he’s not entirely the serious type…

And then there’s this epic Star Wars Episode VII pitch from tomorrow’s Parks and Recreation, in which he – playing an aggrieved citizen doing an old-school filibuster – he was asked to improv for eight straight minutes on any topic he wanted. I think even if I hadn’t told you, you could have guessed where he went with that.

h/t The Mary Sue on the Batman video, multiple readers on the Parks & Rec one.