Patton Oswalt Commissions Custom Russ Meyer/Star Wars Mashup Toys for Roger Ebert


In customizing circles, the man known as Sillof is widely considered one of the best, with his many alternate-universe takes on superheroes and Star Wars (from steampunk to western to samurai and more). So when Patton Oswalt played an action-figure customizer in Young Adult, he took inspiration from the artist, whose real name is Jamie Follis, saying, “He’s an ‘action figure customizer’ the way Van Gogh was a ‘painter.'”

So he decided to actually commission a set that mashes up Star Wars and Russ Meyer movies, inspired by Roger Ebert, whose fandom of and collaboration with the sexploitation director was well-known. Roger never lived to see the final figures, alas. But they’re ready for their close-up now. From C-3P0 as a hot rod to R2-D2 now standing for “Rest/Relaxation Drink Dispenser” and the rest of the cast as busty babes (beware the evil “Darla Vade”!) this is one unexpectedly amazing combo.


You’ll want to see the entire set, trust me.