To Be Serious for a Moment: Fellow Nerdblogger in Need

I’m fortunate enough to be a professional writer with health insurance. I know just how fortunate, because eight years ago I went through appendicitis without it. The bank accounts are still hurting, almost as much as my stomach did back when parts of my insides were rotting. I had friends donate about $60, which paid for maybe one sleeping pill (seriously – never ask for meds in a hospital; have someone bring you some), but it meant the world.

Edward Douglas, writer for such sites as, has no health insurance. He also has been diagnosed with leukemia.


I know Ed on a mostly superficial level, but I’ve certainly read much of his work over the years and some of you probably have too. I’ve been a freelance writer before, and I think, “There, but for the grace of God/Rayden/Cthulhu…”

I don’t post this stuff to try to get anybody to donate who can’t afford it. Spreading the information is at least doing something. When I posted before about the dying Star Trek fan, and about Karen Black…it didn’t cure their cancer, but as part of a general groundswell, it got them what they needed. Black found her bills fully funded, and that fan saw Star Trek Into Darkness before heading to the Undiscovered Country.

More so than a genre actress, Ed is one of us. So I just wanted to put this out there to keep him in a positive, fighting spirit.

If anybody does want to donate to his medical bills, here’s the link.