GIVEAWAY: Ten Free Download Codes for World War Z iOS Game


I had a chance the other day to get my hands on a demo of the new downloadable World War Z game. It was brief, but I liked what I saw – I would quip that this is as close as I’ll ever get to being Brad Pitt, but you don’t play as his character – you’re some guy named Doug, scoping out a hot redhead in a coffee shop and talking to your son on the phone (he’s in Japan, which is where you get to go eventually in the game, though Pitt never sets foot there onscreen). Your son starts saying mom is trying to kill him, and then all things go to hell, as a jet plane plows into the coffee shop and zombies emerge – they’re not just the fast kind, they’re the super-fast kind (an in-game document explains that the zombie virus is at least thought to be some kind of super-rabies).

Visually, they don’t have any kind of unique look – you could tell me this was a game about fighting angry contortionists and I’d believe it – but the way they hurl themselves off buildings and through glass to get at you is different.

Gameplay for touch screens has several different configurations – more expert gamers can use precise controls, while the more casual player can use an auto-fire option, and simply tap where they want to go, a system I picked up on very quickly. The world of the game is nicely rendered, and there are often massive hordes of the infected onscreen at one time (as with some other games, though, in more confined battles you’ll know you’ve gotten them all when the dramatic conflict music stops).

The game is available today on iOS and Android – I have ten iOS codes to give away, and will close this contest Monday, June 3rd at 11:59 p.m.

Here’s how you enter: In comments below, choose any previous character played by Brad Pitt, and tell me what you think he’d do and how he’d fare during a zombie apocalypse. Feel free to answer in the form of an image or meme, though that isn’t mandatory.

And if you need more details on the game, check out the gameplay trailer after the jump.