GIVEAWAY: Villain X T-Shirts


I was going to start giving away the Topless Robot T-shirts this weekend. And then I got an email from Villain X Shirts, and thought I’d be doing you a disservice not to spread the evil joy around.

One thing that struck me about their selection is that even though it’s not super-large, it represents a wonderfully diverse array of pop-culture villains, from Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey and Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2‘s Drayton Sawyer to Godzilla and C.M. Punk.

Because it’s late in the day I’ll give you a long weekend to enter and cut off entries Wednesday, May 15th at noon, for a change. Three shirts are up for grabs, any size, male or female.

With Mother’s Day coming up, let’s try a mom theme – in comments below, tell me about the most villainous act your mother ever punished you for (or never found out about – your choice). It can be completely made up if you wish.

The three best get shirts. We all walk away feeling guilty. Life goes on.