Is Europa Report the Realistic Space Film You’ve Been Seeking?


It certainly would like to position itself that way. And what with the numerous leaps of science-logic in movies like Star Trek Into Darkness, a nitpick-proof sci-fi flick sounds intriguing (I thought Gravity could be it, but y’all managed to effectively pick the nits in that trailer). Here, I too have questions. Such as…

-A mission to one of the moons of Jupiter? What could possibly go wrong…apart from your intelligent computer trying to kill you and a black oblong turning you into a giant space baby? Nothing else? Okay then. You don’t maybe wanna try for Mars first?

-Is this a found-footage type of movie? Because those work best when there aren’t any famous people in the thing. Sorry, but don’t try and tell me this is some compilation of actual space broadcasts when I know good and well that Sharlto Copley is alive and well here on earth where he’s getting ready to pimp Elysium at Comic-Con again.

-Does it basically turn into a rip-off of Alien there at the end? Or worse, Apollo 18? Or am I being deceived by extra clever marketing and editing?

Watch the trailer after the jump and you can decide. I’ll be catching this at the LA Film Festival next month.