Lego and Sony Joining Forces to Stab Your Bare Feet More Ways


What if, instead of leaving Lego bricks in key areas to nail the bare feet of other family members, you could maneuver them to the perfect underfoot spot in real time with a Playstation controller? That’s one of the more immature possibilities to emerge from an upcoming partnership, but it’s far from the only one: Developers are talking about embedding tiny motors, cameras and actuators into Lego blocks. You could, theoretically, get a Lego Home Alone set out of this that would activate minifig-sized booby traps. Spying on the babysitter would be a snap, of course. And they’re certainly thinking in terms of something like Skylanders, where Lego toys would activate in-game rewards.

The Lego drone that moves in mo-cap sync to your headset is pretty frightening; targeted attacks on household citizens would seem inevitable. But the people who are bringing it to you have also developed a refrigerator that only unlocks if you smile at it…so how dare you mistrust them, you conspiracy nut you?

[Surely it’s only a matter of time before mysterious unmanned attacks occur upon Kre-O and Mega Blocks.]

Video of the Lego and the fridge after the jump.