Merlin Blu-ray Contest Winner!

[And now, I turn this over to the contest judge, the bigger Merlin obsessive in my home, to announce the winners and HMs – LYT]

Hi you guys! Julia aka lytswifeslashboss here. That’s right, Luke gave me one article to write. Anyhoo, as y’all know, we had a Merlin contest and the awesome prize was a Merlin Blu-ray. I am surprised to not see that many entries. I mean, even if you totally hate Merlin, you could just sell it on ebay or Amazon and get free money. Oh well….

Anyhoo, I will start with the runners up and then announce the winner. Sounds good? Okay, lets go!

This entry comes from MarasaurusRex. I just thought it clever with the use of the tagline.


This one comes to us from Calm-AV. I am a sucker for anything Harry Potter and that line up of the Knights of the Round Table really does look like the Quidditch team. Thanks for pointing that out!


Then we have the entry from RadiantAsTheSun. He really does look like a prat, doesn’t he? He also acts like one too. Seriously, I want Merlin to just once give him an old fashioned whoop-ass!


The honor of first runner up belong to jp_mclennon (yes, there is honor in being first runner up. Why? Because I said so). This was a really tough one because I found this meme really funny too. Anyhoo, great job!


And now, for your winner….. after the jump. Seriously, I don’t know why Luke does that. Maybe it is to build up a sense of tension, because I mean, you all want to know who the winner is but I am not just going to tell you flat out. Or maybe I will. No I won’t. Or it could be because we like that sense of power it gives us to make you all click on this little tiny button to see who the winner because we have nothing better to do. Or, I am just being mean right now. Oh well, you are going to have to click. Hehe 🙂

Thank you for clicking (like you had a choice).

Our winner is………….

(wait for it)…………………..

(just a little bit more)…………………



I just loved your meme! It completely sums up Lancelot to a tee. Make sure to send us an email with your address so we can give you your stuff stuff!!!

Well that’s it for me folks! Thank you for reading and putting up with my jokes. 🙂 Have a groovy day y’all!