Pizza-Formers! Blu-rays in Disguise!


This could be genius, or really fatally flawed. Imprint a rental disc with heat-sensitive and scented ink, so that when the movie’s over, you pop it out and it looks and smells like a hot pizza, bearing a message that tells you you should order from Domino’s next time you watch a movie.

This is being tested in Brazil, where presumably they do not, as yet, all have the same question I might:

“People still rent discs?”

I would also suggest that Argo might be the wrong title to test it on. I’m thinking Up in Smoke or Pink Floyd The Wall. If Soundwave ever has to learn the location of the Allspark from stoners, these will make a nifty upgrade to his cassettes.

I’m also thinking your dog shouldn’t be anywhere near the player when it ejects.

h/t SlyDante