Rifftrax Takes on Dr. Who (Yes, I said “Dr.”)


It seems only fitting to follow a post on Christopher Lee with one about Peter Cushing. I have to think that if the Internet had existed in the ’60s, it would have exploded with outrage over a couple of theatrical movies which, while charming today, ignored canon more than Michael Bay does by giving us “Dr. Who,” a human scientist who invents a time machine (and whose actual surname is “Who”). The daleks were pretty much the same, except their exterminators spewed gas rather than lasers. And it was seeing one of these movies on TV that really got me into the series as a kid, so it worked as a gateway (also they were in color at a time when the show was still black and white). Still, any time you think what Moffat is doing is worth railing against, consider how far it veered before! (Trivia: Bernard Cribbins, a.k.a. Wilfred, appeared in the second film)

If you’ve never seen these movies, the first, Dr. Who and the Daleks, has now met its match in Rifftrax form.

For ten bucks, the sharpest sarcastic wits online will dissect it for you, thus correcting the balance that needed righting when nobody was able to do it in the day.

Happy holiday weekend, everyone.

h/t Gallen_Dugall