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WB Shows off Costumes, Props From Man of Steel (Pics)


This is where I spent my afternoon. On the Warner Bros. lot.

Next week I’ll tell you why I was actually there. But I certainly did not arrive in this particular craft…


Nor did I dress like this, because I don’t quite have the physique to pull it off.


(More after the jump, and you’re gonna want to see it…)

If I ever lose my current job, I can always turn in a resume here…


I’d better save money just in case. But not here.


Kryptonian costumes! These are worn by the high council, Jor-El, and of course captive Zod (an in-joke re: no underwear on the new Superman suit is that the entire outfit is, in fact, Kryptonian underwear. Like Mormon underwear, it’s bigger than basic skivvies).


And speaking of the Super-suit…


Yes, today was a good day.

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