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Because Nobody Demanded it: The Wizard of Oz in Imax 3D



Unlike many of my peers, I like 3D Imax. I do not, however, like it on moves that weren’t meant for it. I swear, if I find out Sam Raimi is behind this, I will make a grandiose claim never to watch any more Evil Dead movies, then totally go back on it later. That, and I’ll complain about some metaphorical nonconsensual sex act forced upon my youth. Hey, I’m honest in my Nerd Rages.

But really – are WB seriously thinking there’s a market out there for The Wizard of Oz: An Imax 3D Experience? I can see that, possibly, if somebody were doing a remake, or re-adaptation of the book. But the original?

At last! See every clogged pore on Jack Haley’s face! Wonder if you’re allowed to call the Munchkins little people any more when they’re ginormous on the screen! See if you can spot a zipper on the Cowardly Lion! Margaret Hamilton’s nose will come right out at you!

I’m just not feeling it. You?

Anyone suspect that whoever greenlit this is planning to sneak in an iPod with “Dark Side of the Moon” on it, along with some “special” snacks?

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