E3: A Bunch More Pics

There is a lot to see, for sure. And the key differences between E3 and Comic-Con, I have decided are twofold:

1. Far less cosplayers.

2. Far more alcohol. You can buy booze all over the place. And that’s aside from all the restaurants at adjacent L.A. Live that have happy hours. Not that I have a lot of time to drink (I know, blasphemy. There’s always time. And come to think of it, I’m a better gamer when I drink – it forces me to stay awake and relaxes the knee-jerk reflex. This message has been brought to you by Bad Advice for Kids).

Let’s get to the pictures. Gigantic ads on the sides of buildings are what you notice first.


If I seem a little focused on Disney Infinity, it’s because I have a very strong motivating factor who lives in my apartment. As you can see, they didn’t waste any time putting the Lone Ranger in the game. And the mix and match aspect is a key marketing point – I saw a player at one of the demos play as Captain Barbossa with Buzz Lightyear’s jetpack. There are many types of games within the Infinities world, too – Pirates of the Caribbean has ship-to-ship battles, Cars is a driving game, many others are just characters walking around (Barbossa was seen in an underwater version of Wonderland).


Here’s a confirmation that the Muppets are in it – the Electric Mayhem bus!


Not game-related at all, this set-up was promoting the Blu-ray of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Sexy witches would turn knobs and make candy come out. If you knowhatImean, huh huh. No, literally – just candy.


Butt-thrust photo-bomb! I suspect the gentleman is not aware how his ducking maneuver played to my camera.


There’s always a mini Gaming History Museum, with working arcade consoles. I couldn’t get enough of this stuff.




Lionel is a company that has made toy trains for literally a century. They have suddenly had the revelation that today’s kids want their trains to launch missiles, and exist in app form.




This monster screen got really impressive when a Diablo promo came on and actual jets of flame spurted up from the sides.


Giant Robot Nazi Dog from Wolfenstein.


Nintendo had lots of photo-op “life-size” sets to pose in.



Now this is how I could get behind a racing car game.


This reminds me of that painting that came to life in The Devil’s Advocate, that they had to blur later because the artist didn’t give his approval.


PICK A SIDE! No prizes for guessing which one more people are congregating at.


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