Insanely High-End Superman Toy Comes With Concealed Fan so Cape Can Flow


Here I thought there were no original action features left. A FAN hidden in the base so his cape can flow properly…even though the cape also comes with wires to pose it just how you like. This is an ludicrously impressive gimmick…and it’ll cost you. $359.99, in fact.

Mainly because this is a 12″ figure that’s mostly made of metal. So its other bonus action feature is that you can kill someone with it (you shouldn’t do that). Or yourself if it’s displayed on a high shelf and an earthquake happens.

But wait…there’s more. That heat-vision head has REMOTE CONTROL light-up eyes. So you can stick it in a corner and scare people by activating it from a distance with a controller that, just for awesome’s sake, is also diecast metal.

If only it weren’t the dumb New 52 costume. Not that I’ll complain if some rich benefactor wants to gift me one.