Just Add Venture: Weekend TV Open Thread

Well, that was quite eventful.

We had the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones. As well as Venture Bros. premiering with a pretty good GoT reference (plus a Hart to Hart reference nobody younger than I will get), and a T-shirt of the week club.


We also learned that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who. Speculations have ensued as to who the next Doc will be. While I’d like to see an older eccentric like Jim Broadbent, odds are it’ll be a younger, handsomer guy. And it’ll probably be a relative unknown – the only time they’ve gone for star power has been to propel attempted relaunches: Paul McGann in the TV movie, and Christopher Eccleston in the TV resurrection.

I could go for this regularly, but doubt it.

Meanwhile, The Simpsons expanded at Universal Studios Florida, and revealed their “Flaming Moe” as an orange soda with dry ice. (Booooooo!!!!!).

And I guess the statute of limitations is pretty much up on the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix – go crazy talking about that as you wish.


Any other shows you need to discuss? BRING IT!!!