McFarlane Upsizes Walking Dead to 10 Inches – Daryl’s First!


In keeping with McFarlane’s odd announcement strategy as of late, a press release with no pictures is issued, and then BigBadToyStore posts the vendor images anyway. Good going, Todd.

The good news is that it’s a new sculpt, not like the awfully deformed mini-Daryl that already came out. The bad news is that Todd once again wants a contrarian scale for his figures that doesn’t play well with anything else, so rather than go for the standard 8″ or 12″, he went for ten. Though it’s possible 8″ and 12″ are licensed elsewhere.

This is being touted as the first in a new series; I’d have to imagine either Rick of Michonne would be next. Though an upscaled version of the Bicycle Girl Zombie would be cool.

Daryl can be preordered for the divine price of just under $33.