Perhaps Inevitably, a Big Bang Theory Action Figure for Comic-Con


Given the ages of the protagonists, I would have thought “fake Kenner” would be more appropriate than “fake Mego,” but this is BifBangPow’s stock in trade nowadays (alas for the lost third series of Alex Ross Flash Gordon figures). The “fan-favorite fussy physicist from CBS’ ‘nerd-com,’ Sheldon is here to annoy and entertain you.” He comes with a mini Comic-Con tote bag featuring Batman and the Teen Titans, thus possibly beating out Bob the Goon as worst Batman-related figure ever.

Non-fans of the show can always use him as a voodoo doll or target practice. Or conveniently placed victim in a McFarlane Toys Tortured Souls diorama.

What would you do with 8 inches of Sheldon Cooper?