R’Ha Gets Rick Rolled

Remember this?


Back in January, the viral short “R’Ha” started making the rounds. Featuring a snake-headed alien with four arms being tortured by one nasty robot, it brought an impressive level of detail to its animated characters and near photo-realistic world.

It seems the timing was good for director Kaleb Lechowski. Right as Disney was taking over Lucasfilm, a whole lot of space fantasy folks found themselves looking elsewhere for future endeavors. And now Lechowski has got to be R’Ha-ha-ha’ing all the way to the bank, as Star Wars prequel producer Rick McCallum is onboard, as well as Clone Wars producer Steve Tzirlin, and Matthew Graham, a writer who worked on the planned Star Wars live-action TV series that ultimately got shelved in favor of Rebels.

McCallum says there will be no human characters in the film, so expect it to be fully animated.

Can the prequel producer function in an environment where he doesn’t simply have to say yes to every bad idea his director-boss comes up with? Meesa don’know. I have a not-entirely bad feeling about this.