Summer Exclusive Breaking Bad Action Figure Is Super-Fly


Summer Exclusive? Yeah, that means they’ll have it at Comic-Con but you might as well just mail-order it now. They won’t send it to you until July – and frankly, if this particular figure is your holy grail, patience may not be something you possess, but sleepless nights are certainly something you’re used to.

What? I just meant you like to stay up watching Breaking Bad episodes one after the other. It’s all White, you don’t gotta meth me up for talking out of turn.

Your favorite – and only – meth-manufacturing action figure comes with a steel drum, lab equipment and a flyswatter (from the episode “Fly,” natch) and will be packed in a Los Pollos Hermanos slipcase.

Walter White is limited to 1500 pieces. When else are you going to get a Bryan Cranston toy?