The Walken Dead, in Lifelike Sculpture


Dramatic pause…uh…waow!

Seems to me this is almost more of a cross between Christopher Walken and the other terrifying Christopher whose surname is Lee. It’s part of an exhibition currently running at New York’s Last Rites gallery which features various pop-culture and historical icons, zombified; from Henry VIII and the Mona Lisa to Nyan Cat and Col. Sanders. Most are paintings or drawings, though – only the Walken scores his own terrifyingly lifelike (deathlike?) silicone head replica with rooted hair.

How do you reckon this Walken zombie died? It looks like he “got his ass to Mahs” and got kicked out the pressurized window by Douglas Quaid, or Hauser, or whatever that amnesiac with the Austrian accent is calling himself now.


You don’t have to worry about him summoning a backup horde, at least – this zombie roars in dramatic and misplaced pauses, giving you extra time to get away.